Minneapolis Muslim Cop Shot Unarmed Woman in Pajamas.

Share the censored and banned links to the Trojan horse terrorism occurring all around us. Mohamed Noor, a Somali muslim (surprise!) cop in Minneapolis (surprise again!!) shot an unarmed woman for no reason. Now on trial.

African Migrant Intentionally Ran Over Two White Boys, and Google Scrubs it From the Net.

Spread the banned and censored links about how an African migrant in Colorado intentionally ran over two white boys.


The Google thought police don’t want you to know about this possible hate crime. The only way stories like this can be known is for you to share the links directly with people you know. Spread the links!!

Go ahead and try it. Google “Oghaleoghene Atuno” and you will get NOTHING about this story. Do the same search at DuckDuckGo and you will see what you’re missing. Duck the censors and DON’T USE GOOGLE. Google is an evil Trojan horse terrorist.

Patriots Beware of Politically Motivated Debanking by Chase and PayPal.

Debanking is the financial version of book burning. Chase and PayPal will refuse to do business with conservatives based solely on political ideology.

This has the chilling effect of harming a person’s ability to conduct basic financial transactions, or to run a business. When this happens, it stifles the ability of conservatives to make a living and to function in the modern world.

This has already happened to numerous conservative voices like Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, and Gavin McInnes.

This financial censorship is dangerous and reckless conduct. Fight this treason at all costs!!! Demand fairness and transparency from both PayPal and Chase.

CBS TV Show Advocates Political Violence.

CBS advocates violence against anybody not from the looney left:


Anti-American CBS is a Trojan horse Terrorist (ThT) corporation that benefits from the political discord it sows and its censorship of opposing viewpoints.

The only sensible thing to do is for the looney left, and the right, to ignore the ThT CBS call to violence. CBS obviously wants to incite a civil war, so let’s not give it to them.

Besides, in a fight between the right and left, there’s no contest. The sissy left would get its ass kicked!!

Donald Trump predicted Trojan Horse Terrorism in 2015.

Donald Trump predicted that Syrian refugees are Trojan horse terrorists. Read the story on fake news CNN.

All muslims in America are invaders who will incrementally conquer us politically and culturally from within, using our open society and democratic institutions to destroy us. Wake up America, before it’s too late!!

Just say NO to creepy islam in America.

Debra Messing, anti-American Bimbo Actress Prefers Muslims and Immigrants.

Not much to say here. Who is this bimbo anyway? It really doesn’t matter.

Trojan horse Terrorist (ThT) Debra Messing hates America and embraces its conquest by islam and illegal foreign invaders. While she is free to commit suicide, we patriots won’t go down that easily.

Conquest by ugly islam and criminal aliens is what Debra Messing stands for. She belongs on the ThT list.

More about this open borders idiot here.

Debra Messing ThT Index: 1

Just Say No to Hollywood idiots.
Just Say No to Hollywood idiots.

Ilhan Omar, anti-American Muslim Traitor and US Representative for Minnesota.

While not the most important Trojan horse Terrorist (ThT) in operation today, Ilhan Omar is by far the most egregious example. This naturalized citizen from Somalia, Africa, is a prime example of why foreigners should never be allowed to participate in US government, especially as lawmakers.

ThT Omar subscribes to the despicable islam religion, which is wholly incompatible with American tradition and culture. As a muslim, Omar doesn’t want to assimilate, she wants to conquer. That’s why the rise of islam in America is so dangerous. It’s mass political and cultural suicide.

As a Democrat, US Representative from Minnesota Omar joins her fellow Demonrats in hating America, selling out to globalists, and destroying the US from the inside like a festering cancer.

Ilhan Omar ThT Index: 5

Ilhan Omar MugShot.
Ilhan Omar MugShot.