The Bronx (NY) Freedom Fund is bailing recidivist criminals out of jail to commit more crimes.

This has happened many times before when the Freedom Fund bailed out criminals who commit additional crimes. These traitors should hang for sedition.

Utah judge suspended without pay for anti-Trump comments.

The Supreme Court of Utah determined that Taylorsville Justice Court Judge Michael Kwan undermined public confidence in the courts; it upheld his six-month suspension.

Kwan’s Utah courts biography states that he was certified in Chinese law by an East China university (Communist much?).

Kwan is a dangerous Trojan horse terrorist (Tht) who is in this country specifically to subvert our laws and to destroy America. He has been caught openly displaying that intention.

Wake up America!! This is suicide!! We can’t allow countless foreigners, Communists, Socialists, invading armies of religious fanatics, or fascists of any kind to grab more power in our country!! They are already here and in charge!! STOP THE MADNESS!!

Multiculturalism and our open society is exactly what is causing the destruction of our culture and our history. Total suicide.