Utah judge suspended without pay for anti-Trump comments.

The Supreme Court of Utah determined that Taylorsville Justice Court Judge Michael Kwan undermined public confidence in the courts; it upheld his six-month suspension.

Kwan’s Utah courts biography states that he was certified in Chinese law by an East China university (Communist much?).


Kwan is a dangerous Trojan horse terrorist (Tht) who is in this country specifically to subvert our laws and to destroy America. He has been caught openly displaying that intention.

Wake up America!! This is suicide!! We can’t allow countless foreigners, Communists, Socialists, invading armies of religious fanatics, or fascists of any kind to grab more power in our country!! They are already here and in charge!! STOP THE MADNESS!!

Multiculturalism and our open society is exactly what is causing the destruction of our culture and our history. Total suicide.


Scumbag traitor John Walker Lindh to be released from prison.

This dickhead from California (of course) converted to islam and was caught fighting for the taliban in Afghanistan.

He is a traitor who should be shown no mercy. Hopefully, an angry, patriotic mob will track this fucker down and end his shitty little life before he carries out a Trojan horse attack on US soil.


Traitors in Prince George’s County, Maryland release illegal criminal aliens who went on to commit murder.

There is no excuse for the treason of ignoring ICE detainers on criminal illegal aliens. Arrest, convict, and hang the traitors in sanctuary cities and states.

This nonsense is slow suicide by foreign invaders. These criminal foreigners should be murdered by an angry mob.


Oregon sanctuary state traitors release dogfucker and murderer into community.

Fidel Lopez is a dogfucker and dog murderer. He is a dangerous, sick piece of shit, and a criminal illegal alien. He should be attacked and killed by an angry mob.

And those sick traitors in Oregon should be tried and sentenced to death for ignoring the ICE deportation request.

Fuck Oregon traitors. Fuck Fidel Lopez. His days are numbered.


U. of Minnesota offers scholarships for illegal aliens.

How about that shit? Fucking traitors in Minnesota, home of ThT Omar, and the terrorist recruitment capital of the US.

We got all kinds of needs for our own citizens and these traitors are throwing money at criminals in our midst. Fucking ponderous.

This treasonous activity is undermining Federal law and is endangering every one of our citizens. And it’s suicide taboot.


Ana Navarro is a certified fascist who supports censorship by Facebook and big tech autocrats.

Ana Navarro, whoever the hell she is, is on the wrong side of the wall. GTFO, you ugly, nazi cunt. Better yet, just kill yourself, you traitor.


Philadelphia Muslim Society Training Kids as Future Terrorists.

This story is so fucking sick. How are these Trojan horse terrorists allowed to operate openly in our midst?

The muslim students proclaim how they will kill for their god–IN AMERICA!!!

Wake up America. This is suicide!!


Lock these people up and/or deport them all. Religious terror has no place in the US.