Project Veritas exposes Google execs admitting to 2020 election meddling.

Google is evil, criminal, and unAmerican. Execs at Google admit, on hidden camera, to election meddling in this Project Veritas whistleblower expose.

Don’t use Google or its products. Don’t go to liberal shithole sanctuary cities. Keep your money away from all that. This is a civil war against the technocratic elite and their liberal zombies. Strangle them financially, politically, and lawfully until they are rooted out and destroyed like the perfidious cancer they are.

Update 8/19/19:

African Migrant Intentionally Ran Over Two White Boys, and Google Scrubs it From the Net.

Spread the banned and censored links about how an African migrant in Colorado intentionally ran over two white boys.

The Google thought police don’t want you to know about this possible hate crime. The only way stories like this can be known is for you to share the links directly with people you know. Spread the links!!

Go ahead and try it. Google “Oghaleoghene Atuno” and you will get NOTHING about this story. Do the same search at DuckDuckGo and you will see what you’re missing. Duck the censors and DON’T USE GOOGLE. Google is an evil Trojan horse terrorist.