Retarded idiot Joy Behar wants Dem presidential candidates to lie to voters about gun control.

Moron Joy Behar of The View shills for deep state establishment who wants to disarm the US in order to control it.

Debra Messing, anti-American Bimbo Actress Prefers Muslims and Immigrants.

Not much to say here. Who is this bimbo anyway? It really doesn’t matter.

Trojan horse Terrorist (ThT) Debra Messing hates America and embraces its conquest by islam and illegal foreign invaders. While she is free to commit suicide, we patriots won’t go down that easily.

Conquest by ugly islam and criminal aliens is what Debra Messing stands for. She belongs on the ThT list.

More about this open borders idiot here.

Debra Messing ThT Index: 1

Just Say No to Hollywood idiots.
Just Say No to Hollywood idiots.